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September 24, 2018


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Montreal, September 20, 2018 – Three entrepreneurs from Enablis in Argentina are participating in a week-long trip to Canada to help their technological start-ups develop in North America. Offered to Enablis entrepreneurs looking to scale-up regionally or internationally, the Enablis ScaleUp Program connects entrepreneurs in emerging markets to the Canadian ecosystem.

As part of the Enablis ScaleUp Program, the Canada Immersion Week will take place in Toronto and Montreal from September 24th to 28th: Enablis entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their products to VC funds, access renowned Artificial Intelligence labs in Canada and participate in a custom and personalised agenda of meetings with peers.

“This week-long trip to Canada opens new opportunities for our tech entrepreneurs who have developed very innovative products and already gained a lot of traction in Latin America. The Enablis ScaleUp Program is unique in Argentina and I am convinced this trip will help our entrepreneurs boost their companies’ development at an international level while creating links in Canadian cities that are recognized as global technological hubs”, says Rose Vervenne, Managing Director of Enablis Global and Executive Director of the local Enablis branch in Argentina.

The three Argentine entrepreneurs selected to be part of the Canada Immersion Week are:
• José Galindo, Co-Founder and CEO at Herolens, a SaaS product that generates limitless number of creatives from simple assets;
• Carlos Hirsch, Executive VP of Operations at S4, a company that creates indices based on satellite data to efficiently transfer climate risk from agriculture to the global financial markets;
• Pablo Verdenelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Infoxel Media Labs and Welo, a mobile app and desktop platform for publishers and users to rewind, reproduce and share short TV clips online.


As Pablo Verdenelli puts it in a recent video: “We are proud to participate in the Enablis ScaleUp Program: it is a unique opportunity for us in Argentina to connect to peers and potential partners at an international level! It brings us know-how and makes it possible to accelerate the process of scaling-up our companies.”

The Canada Immersion Week is organized with the support of Enablis Entrepreneurial Network founding partners, Telesystem and Accenture, as well as the collaboration of the Argentine Consulates in Toronto and Montreal.

About Enablis:
Enablis is a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Quebec entrepreneur Charles Sirois – Chairman of the Board of Telesystem – Accenture and CIDA (now Global Affairs Canada). Its mission is to support SME entrepreneurs who create jobs in developing and emerging countries, leading to sustainable economic development. As part of the Enablis ScaleUp Program, Enablis also offers an International Mentoring Program to connect its most advanced members to successful Canadian executives.
For more information, please visit our website www.enablis.org.


Marine Baillie Communications Director Enablis Entrepreneurial Network
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