After creating, acquiring and managing a large number
of high-tech firms operating in a variety of industries,
Telesystem is now focusing on data analytics and
industrial innovations, two high-potential platforms having a significant
international impact and supporting a sustainable future.

Telesystem’s technology sectors

Within its Unified Index, Coveo
consolidates, correlates and enriches
enterprises fragmented data from
clouds, social and on-premise systems
to deliver relevant information and
knowledge into the context of
every user.

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Interset provides behavioural analytics
to protect intellectual property within
an organization.

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Through its Active ResearchTM Platform,
iPerceptions captures customers’ percep-
tions in the moment of truth and deliver
real-time actionable insight in business

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CVTCORP develops and manufactures
highly efficient continuously variable
transmissions (CVTs) for use in industrial
and agricultural equipment.

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Hortau develops and markets automated
irrigation management systems that
increase crop production yield, reduce
costs and decrease water consumption.

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Prevtec Microbia develops and markets
products such as vaccines and feed
additives designed to improve animal
health, production yield and food safety.

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