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30 janvier 2019


As an organization, Interset affirms its commitment to developing and deploying AI that promotes societal welfare.

Ottawa, ON, Jan 30, 2019Interset, a security analytics company powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has signed the Montréal Declaration for a Responsible Development of AI, committing itself as an organization to the development of AI in service of the fundamental interests of individuals and the common good.


AI has burgeoned across industries thanks to its ability to automate repetitive tasks, accelerate problem-solving and reduce manual labor, but this growing trend is also fueling concerns about the risks and ramifications of autonomous technologies. As a response, the Montréal Declaration provides a framework for the ethical development and deployment of AI with emphasis on 10 principles: well-being, respect for autonomy, protection of privacy and intimacy, solidarity, democratic participation, equity, diversity inclusion, prudence, responsibility and sustainable development.


“AI has been at the heart of Interset’s technology since our inception because we believe in its ability to support and empower cybersecurity teams and society in protecting their organizations,” said Stephan Jou, chief technology officer at Interset. “We signed the Montréal Declaration for Responsible AI as a company in recognition of AI’s growing value in cybersecurity as well as our role in ensuring that AI is designed and executed with societal welfare in mind. To that end, we are committed to the Declaration’s mission and will continue to advance its 10 principles—starting at home.”


Interset’s user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) is powered by unsupervised machine learning, a type of self-learning AI that enables the solution to distill billions of events into a handful of prioritized threat leads. Machine learning enables Interset to mathematically discover patterns and create a unique digital fingerprint for every entity—a person, machine, printer, website, IP address, etc.—in an enterprise. This automation frees up security teams to focus on investigating and responding to threats leads.

Learn more about Interset’s commitment to ethical AI in our blog, “Interset & Responsible AI – Part 1: Well-being, Autonomy, and Privacy”—the first in a series on the Montréal Declaration and its 10 principles.



About Interset


Interset, a security analytics company powered by self-learning AI, augments existing security tools and empowers security teams to identify and respond to the threats that matter before data is stolen. Interset’s machine learning threat detection platform measures the unique digital footprint of systems and users, distilling billions of events into a handful of prioritized threat leads. What used to take months, can now take minutes. Interset is backed by In-Q-Tel and trusted to protect critical data in finance, critical infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, healthcare, utility and energy industries. Visit us at interset.ai, and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.





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