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24 mai 2011

iPerceptions’ 4Q Suite delivers Voice of Customer Analytics

iPerceptions Inc. (TSX.V:IPE), a leading provider of web-focused Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics based on actual visitor feedback, today announced the general availability of 4Q Suite. Now companies of all sizes can combine their VoC and Google Analytics (GA) data at the session level and receive automatic alerts identifying significant changes in the data. 4Q Suite customers receive scheduled emails of online visitors’ positive and negative open-ended comments, Facebook and Twitter links and global industry comparisons from over 8,500 websites across 35 industry verticals.

Companies now have the choice of using the free 4Q survey, which was developed in collaboration with Avinash Kaushik, a noted web analytics author and blogger, or purchasing 4Q Basic, 4Q Plus or 4Q Premium. 4Q Suite is a SaaS solution designed for price-conscious and time-starved marketers who recognize the critical insights that exist in analyzing customer feedback. With tiered pricing, companies can start to improve their website, their brand, and their business with 4Q Basic for just $19 a month. As business needs grow, companies can gain additional VoC analytics value with 4Q Plus and 4Q Premium.

“iPerceptions has done for VoC what Google has done for clickstream analytics,” says Stephane Hamel, a thought leader in the field of online analytics. “iPerceptions has made it easy to produce, implement and manage surveys, creating a much more powerful way to do voice of customer analytics. The new analysis features are amazingly intuitive and powerful and attention to details, such as the automated weekly status email, will make it even easier to close the loop on voice of customer.”

“Using iPerceptions’ 4Q Suite for analysis gave us insights we would not have been able to get any other way,” says Alan Etkin, Project and Web Analytics Manager at British Columbia Institute of Technology. “Particularly helpful is a graphic chart showing relative performance of purpose of visits. At a glance, we can identify which areas are performing below average. Going forward this provides a simple means of prioritizing efforts and monitoring our progress on the improvements.”

“The new 4Q Suite analysis tools will help us to communicate user experience throughout www.rasmussen.edu in a structured and efficient manner, creating a positive experience for our students,” says Josh Braaten, online marketing manager at Rasmussen College. “From scheduled reports based on roles within the organization to a robust integration with Google Analytics, 4Q Suite is taking cost-effective user experience measurement to the next level.”

While the overall premise around asking the four most important survey questions remains the same as 4Q Free, 4Q Suite offers the following innovations:

  • Google Analytics Integration – Allows companies to analyze individual customer experiences, including their open-ended feedback, based on the combination of VoC and GA data. This multi-perspective, session-level analysis provides a broader and more accurate view of the customer experience, which often unveils surprising insights and requires a different company response.
  • Industry Benchmarking – Augments customer feedback with global industry comparisons. The 4Q database contains representative data from 35 of the top industries worldwide. Industry Benchmarking lets clients gauge their relative position vis-à-vis their competitors and justify their improvements.
  • Automatic Alerts – Triggers an Automatic Alert, based on advanced algorithms, identifying significant in the data. It is the only solution that generates alerts based on a combination of VoC and GA data. Automatic Alerts eliminate the time and associated costs of searching for changes and calculating the significance of changes.
  • Social Media Links – Embedded Twitter and Facebook links help build community, awareness and brand recognition.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Ads and coupons on the survey thank-you page help increase sales opportunities. Companies can collect email addresses and reply to individuals or groups.
  • Invitation Customization – Lets clients customize the look and feel of their survey invitation, include their company logo, and present the invitation on their site in a layered or more discrete format. Clients can also customize the survey welcome page and thank-you page.

About 4Q

Launched in March 2008, 4Q helps companies understand why and how people interact with their websites by asking the four most important survey questions:

  • What are my visitors at my website to do? Are they completing what they set out to do? If not, why not?
  • How satisfied are my visitors?

Companies can also choose to include additional survey questions on path to site and visit frequency, gaining the ability to segment responses by visitor group and type. 4Q requires a single line of code and can be installed in minutes on any website. All surveys are permission-based and employ a two-stage invitation process that minimizes session interruptions. A real-time results dashboard is available 24/7 through a secure online portal so that 4Q clients can use their findings to make website changes that engage, retain, and convert more visitors. For more information, please visit www.4Qsurvey.com.

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions is a leading web-focused Voice of Customer analytics provider. Its webValidator Continuous Listening solution, 4Q Suite solution, Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) and proprietary iPerceptions Satisfaction Index (iPSI) turn millions of data points into easy-to-understand strategic and tactical decision support for website marketers. iPerceptions’ clients include such well-known brands as InterContinental Hotels, Mazda, Dell, Harvard Business Review, and Monster Worldwide. For more information, please visit www.iperceptions.com.

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