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25 juin 2014

iPerceptions Active Recognition™ increases the performance of Live Chat solutions by targeting visitors with the intent to purchase

iPerceptions, the leader in digital customer research, today launched Active Recognition Technology (ART) for Live Chat, a patent protected technology that empowers companies to build more relevant customer interactions by triggering chat sessions according to a visitor’s intent. The launch revolutionizes the effectiveness of live chat technologies, such as LivePerson, BoldChat and Moxie, as it leverages stated visitor intent from representative surveys and iPerceptions’ 20M+ intent database to recognize the intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time. For the first time, Active Recognition aligns market research with the speed and velocity of big data to recognize purchase intent in real-time. Triggering chat sessions with Active Recognition has proven to be more effective by increasing chat assisted conversion by 30%.

Grow conversion by recognizing visitor intent in real-time

  • Active Recognition for Live Chat grows in-session conversion by identifying visitors with the intent to purchase. Without Active Recognition many chat sessions may be engaging visitors who are not looking to purchase in that session using valuable resources on sessions that are less likely to convert.
  • Supporting quote — « Chat sessions that are triggered based on successful behavior alone fail to recognize 80% of visitors who are on a site to purchase, » said Derek Zakaib, Vice President of Product and Marketing at iPerceptions. « iPerceptions Active Recognition can recognize visitors outside the purchase funnel with the intent to purchase. These visitors are highly qualified as they are 15 times more likely to convert than other categories of intent. By triggering chat sessions with these visitors, Active Recognition for Live Chat grows your conversion opportunity. »

Recognize visitors’ intent without breaching their privacy

  • Active Recognition contains no personally identifiable information so marketers can now recognize visitor intent while addressing consumer privacy concerns. Leveraging anonymous opt-in digital voice of customer survey data and non-identifiable behavioral data, Active Recognition eliminates customers’ privacy concerns and avoids exposure to privacy legislation.
  • Supporting quote — « Nobody wants to be spied on, » said Duff Anderson, Senior Vice President at iPerceptions. « Yet many firms infer intent using vast amounts of personal identifiable information with limited success. This is not only making customers uncomfortable but is not as effective as leveraging stated visitor intent to recognize why visitors are coming to your site. »

Self-learning for maximum efficiency

  • Active Recognition for Live Chat adapts and evolves to changing website environments and customer behavior by leveraging a continuous feed of client specific visitor intent and iPerceptions’ unique 20M+ intent database.
  • Supporting quote — « A predictive model’s performance is influenced exclusively by the quality and freshness of its data, » said Audry Larocque, CEO of iPerceptions. « Active Recognition is the most advanced and effective method to recognize intent as it is powered by a constant representative sample of opt-in visitor intent which allows for robust pattern analysis and learning. The model stays current and is always adjusting from the constant flow of tens of millions of intent data points that are flowing into the system from iPerceptions’ global stated intent database. »


  • iPerceptions Active Recognition for Live Chat is immediately available. To find out more schedule a meeting.

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions is a leading digital customer research company that enriches marketing technologies with the Voice of the Customer. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ SaaS Platform, which captures visitors’ intent, needs, and experiences in the moment of truth using advanced engagement technologies. iPerceptions is revolutionizing market research with Active Recognition™ which recognizes the intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time to provide personalized experiences. With over 20M visitor intent datapoints collected every year across 3,500 brands and in 32 languages, iPerceptions is the trusted research solution of customer centric organizations. Improve your customer experience and bottom line today, visit www.iperceptions.com.

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