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23 juin 2015

iPerceptions launches the first website Optimization Solution that recognizes when to solicit visitors

iPerceptions, the leader in digital customer research and recognition, today released iPerceptions Experience Optimization Solution which provides the insights that optimization and usability teams need to improve the customer experience. By engaging with visitors that are likely to have extreme positive and negative experiences, brands collect insights on what is working and highlight areas for improvement from a site optimization perspective.

Recognize visitors that are likely to have strong opinions

Powered by iPerceptions patent pending Active Recognition Technology, the Experience Optimization Solution recognizes visitors that are likely to have an extremely poor or good experience and triggers a short discreet survey to collect information from that visitor.  Leveraging Voice of the Customer analytics and behavioral patterns, iPerceptions Active Recognition Technology is constantly learning which site visitors are most “in-target” to provide the most relevant and actionable insights for site optimization.

“What companies need for site optimization is a way to engage with their visitors that have strong opinions – at both extremes of the experience,” said Audry Larocque, CEO and President at iPerceptions. “When asked, these visitors will provide critical information that will help optimization teams take action to improve the customer experience. And this is exactly what iPerceptions Experience Optimization Solution does.”

Take action with integrated clickstream reporting

Combining customer feedback with behavioral data is critical to understanding the path to experience. Visitor’s intent and clickstream data, including the pages visited before and after the survey, is integrated into iPerceptions Experience Optimization Solution’s real-time and interactive reporting. This provides greater visibility and contextualizes each visit to help understand the next steps to improve the customer experience.

“iPerceptions’ Experience Optimization Solution is the biggest innovation in site optimization since A/B testing,” said Duff Anderson, SVP and Co-Founder, at iPerceptions. “With the right information from the right visitors the usability team can now understand the relationship between multiple pages and the website experience to ultimately design website experiences that deliver results.”

iPerceptions Experience Optimization solution includes two types of reporting, an aggregate view for a holistic perspective of the experience and individual real-time push reports for identification, escalation and remediation of individual customer issues.

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions (www.iperceptions.com) is a leading digital customer research company that extends the value of Voice of the Customer beyond measuring the past, to recognizing visitors’ intentions in real-time for personalized experiences. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ SaaS Platform, which captures visitors’ intent, needs, and experiences in the moment of truth using advanced engagement technologies. iPerceptions is revolutionizing market research with Active Recognition which recognizes the intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time to provide personalized experiences. With over 100M voice of customer datapoints collected every year across 1,200 brands and in 35 languages in over 80 countries, iPerceptions is the trusted research solution of customer centric organizations. www.iperceptions.com.

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