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6 mai 2015

iPerceptions launches Universal Code to empower marketers to conduct voice of customer research with greater agility

iPerceptions, the leader in digital customer research, today announced the release of its Universal Code to all users of its Active Research Platform. The Universal Code centralizes all of iPerceptions’ Voice of the Customer research projects into one code, which empowers marketers to create, launch, edit and manage multiple research projects with almost no reliance on IT resources. Once the script is on all pages of a website, marketers gain the speed and agility to control their own research via the Active Research platform.

The iPerceptions Universal Code also provides the ability to address different business objectives by targeting specific audiences for feedback. Marketers can now trigger their surveys and comment cards only to visitors that meet certain conditions including URL, page views, language, cookie, device type, and many others.

“With consumer preferences changing with stunning velocity, the need for speed and agility to understand different customer behaviors is critical,” said Derek Zakaib, VP of Marketing and Product at iPerceptions. “With iPerceptions Universal Code, marketers have the agility and flexibility to engage with targeted customer segments and collect their intent, needs and experiences across digital touch points with ease.”

iPerceptions Universal Code includes a number of additional features, including enterprise-level security that is built into the script, locking projects to pre-determined URL domains to protect clients’ data from third-party manipulation. Universal Code further accelerates the deployment of ’Perceptions’ Active Recognition Technology (ART), a patent-pending machine learning technology that recognizes visitors’ intent and experiences in real-time. A specialized iPerceptions’ Universal Code is also available for in-app projects, which allows marketers to gather insights into the in-app experience.

Availability and Pricing

The Universal Code is available to all users of the iPerceptions Active Research™ Platform. Advanced features are available as of the Enterprise plan. For more details about the Universal Code or Enterprise Plan please contact us.

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions is a leading digital customer research company that enriches marketing technologies with the Voice of the Customer. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ SaaS Platform, which captures visitors’ intent, needs, and experiences in the moment of truth using advanced engagement technologies. iPerceptions is revolutionizing market research with Active Recognition™ which recognizes the intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time to provide personalized experiences. With over 20M visitor intent datapoints collected every year across 1,200 brands and in 35 languages, iPerceptions is the trusted research solution of customer centric organizations. Improve your customer experience and bottom line today, visit iperceptions.com.

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