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February 23, 2017


Montreal, Quebec –February 23, 2017— CVTCORP, a world leader in design and development of
revolutionary high efficiency, traction-drive continuously variable transmissions (mCVT), is proud to
announce an implement drive production program for a leading North-American feed mixer
The launch of a CVT-based implement drive with integrated wet clutch, Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
and patented toroidal CVT technology will allow customers to optimize the mixing process using the
automatic shift under load capabilities of the mCVT with infinite number of ratios. The ECU has a preprogramed
setup that can be customized by the end-user based on the type of feed being mixed.


The highly efficient CVT-based implement drive provides the opportunity to operate the feeder mixer
system with a smaller tractor and enables a revolutionary “mix while you drive” functionality at the
same time without overpowering the tractor engine. The traditional gearboxes which are currently
offered in the feeder mixer market have fixed ratios of 1, 2 or 3 speeds limiting the mixing optimization
under different operating conditions.

Jeremy Shiflett, CVTCORP VP of Sales, Marketing & Service said: “Our technical team has developed
a highly efficient implement drive that is a game changer for the Feeder Mixer Market. Our vision for
this product is much bigger than just for the feeder mixer market, we see a product that will be
applied on a multitude of implements applications such as tillers, tub grinders and sprayers to name
a few.”

Daniel Girard, CVTCORP CEO and founder said: “This is another milestone in our strategy to build our
business around our unique validated mCVT technology. CVTCORP is focusing on providing game
changing products, targeting off-highway and AG applications. Our strategy is starting paying off.”
Production will start in mid-2018 at the new manufacturing operation in South Korea operated with
our partner, JMFT.

CVTCORP will be showcasing their products and services at CONEXPO –CON/AGG in the IFPE area,
booth S81049 in the South Hall 3, from March 7th to 12th.

Founded in 2001, CVTCORP is an international technology company specializing in Continuously
Variable Transmissions (CVTs). The company develops, manufactures and supplies CVTs for
construction, agricultural and power generation markets. The infinite number of ratios provided by
the transmission enables the equipment to do more work with less fuel. At the same time, the
technology offers a cost-effective solution for vehicles and equipment outfitted with their innovative
products. The company is privately held and headquartered outside of Montreal, Canada. For more
information about CVTCORP please visit us at www.cvtcorp.com.

Source and information:
Jeremy Shiflett
jshiflett@cvtcorp.com | 1 (765) 414-6664