CVTCORP develops and manufactures continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) for use in power generation, agricultural and industrial equipment. CVTCORP’s unique toroidal CVT technology is highly efficient, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The transmission‘s elegantly simple design translates into low manufacturing costs, easier maintenance and a longer life. The infinite number of ratios provided by the transmission enables the equipment it is embedded into to run at the optimal operating point which further increases fuel efficiency and greatly improves operator ease of use and comfort.

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Toroidal CVT at a glance

CVTCORP key facts

Up to 25% less fuel
Tested for over 500,000 hours
20+ families of
patents spanning
the US, Canada,
Europe and Asia
5-10% higher efficiency
than a typical
hydrostatic transmission


comparable to a
Powershift transmission


of a hydrostatic transmission