Interset is a science and technology leader that has unlocked the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning, big data and risk forensics to provide a highly intelligent and accurate insider threat and targeted outsider threat detection solution.

Utilizing agentless data collectors, lightweight endpoint sensors, advanced behavioral analytics and an intuitive user interface, Interset provides unparalleled visibility over sensitive data, enabling early attack detection and actionable forensic intelligence without false positives or white noise. Interset solutions are deployed to protect critical data across the manufacturing, life sciences, hi-tech, government, aerospace and defense, as well as securities brokerage industries.

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Interset at a glance

Interset functionalities

Behavioral analytics
to defend IP

Alerts to security
and compliance violations

Interset “observes”,
“analyzes” and “acts”
to defend IP

Interset provides forensic
software to track
the file genealogy