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30 juillet 2015

OnMobile launches high definition audio Ringback Tone service on a 4G wireless network in Spain

OnMobile Global Limited (NSE: OnMobile) announced the launch of High-Definition (HD) Ringback Tones for 4G Voice (Voice over LTE) customers and a new application called Identity for Vodafone Spain.

OnMobile has helped Vodafone Spain leverage Ringback Tones to increase the awareness and adoption rate of Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Committed towards providing improved quality in both voice and calling experience, OnMobile has encoded High-Definition Ringback Tones in AMR – WB (Adaptive Multi Rate – Wide Band) format. The OnMobile solution enables Vodafone’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service users to experience high audio quality, thereby improving consumer experience and stickiness.

OnMobile’s Identity application provides the user with an attractive design and excellent user experience. With its unique features, Identity offers Vodafone Spain customers the possibility to personalize their Ringback Tones through a smartphone interface that allows easy identification of each audio track, plus an option to preview it before selection. Offered under a flat rate model, this application provides users the freedom to change songs assigned to their contacts as frequently as they wish, and the ability to choose their favorite music from an extensive catalog. In addition, users can customize their expression of identity by creating playlists with multiple songs.

“The deployment of our service on 4G Voice (Voice over LTE) is a significant milestone for OnMobile as we are now able to offer customers their favorite music in high-definition audio. The launch of Ringback Tones in High-Definition, coupled with the Identity app, reinforces the global appeal of this service. The 8 – 10 second interval that a user takes to answer a call is a shared communication space that can be customized in many ways,” said Mr. Sanjay Bhambri, Chief Commercial Officer, OnMobile.

Building on the successful “Press * to copy” feature pioneered by OnMobile on the traditional voice channel, Identity has a “Press * to favor” which allows mobile subscribers to add their favorite tracks with one simple click. It introduces cutting-edge technical capabilities including near real-time notifications and an enhanced call log that showcases the complete history of songs played. High-Definition Ringback Tones in 4G voice provides an additional medium for Vodafone Spain to improve adoption rates and user experience.

About OnMobile

OnMobile [NSE India: ONMOBILE], headquartered in Bangalore, India, and with offices in all regions of the world, delivers millions of music plays daily to mobile customers worldwide. Based on current deployments, OnMobile has the potential to reach more than 1.1 billion mobile users across several geographies. For further information, please visit www.onmobile.com.

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Srividhya Parthasarathy