Empowering humanity to preserve our Planet

Named by the Canadian Innovation Exchange as one of Canada’s top 20 innovative technology companies, NorthStar is an information platform that will monitor, gather and deliver knowledge to ensure the sustainability of humanity's critical Earth and Space environments.

Driven by a constellation of satellites with powerful sensors, NorthStar will utilize machine learning, artificial intelligence and data fusion, creating an ecosystem of services for global sectors including agriculture, forestry, ocean and marine services, energy, oil and gas. NorthStar will support initiatives by governments and the private sector for the sustainable development of our planet.

In an increasingly congested space environment, NorthStar will track over 500,000 resident space objects, protecting high value satellites and space assets from collisions. NorthStar addresses all 17 of the United Nations sustainable development goals and aspires to the creation of a sustainable world, for now and for future generations.

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