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Press releases

June 19, 2009

Appointment of François-Charles Sirois as President of Télésystème ltée

There are turning points within each organization, and I am very pleased to share this one with you.

At the last Telesystem’s Board of Directors’ meeting, it was decided to appoint François-Charles Sirois as President of the corporation. Although I will remain Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, this appointment will allow François-Charles to pay a more particular and distinctive attention to the companies in which we invest, and also to the entrepreneurs and executives who are part of them.

Having joined the Telesystem family three years ago, François-Charles was instrumental in our decision to become involved in Stingray Digital and Plexo. As Board member of iPerceptions and Zone 3, and member of the Investment Committee of both Propulsion and ID Capital, François-Charles will concentrate his energies to the development of Telesystem’s investment strategies, while developing and maintaining a close relationship with our entrepreneurs.

I will for my part pursue my role at Telesystem as in the past, while being conscious that my increasing responsibilities at the CIBC and Enablis, our social investment, necessitated the creation of a President’s position in order that Telesystem receives all the attention it deserves.

François-Charles’ appointment will be effective on July 1, 2009.


Charles Sirois
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer