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November 30, 2017

Coveo Announces Early Access of Coveo on Elasticsearch, Delivering AI-powered Relevance on Top of Open Source Search Index

Coveo introduces the early access of Coveo on Elasticsearch, offering organizations and developers the ability to use a leading enterprise search platform on top of the most popular open source index for maximum scalability, flexibility and relevance.

San Francisco, CA, and Quebec, QUEBEC – November 30, 2017

 Coveo, a leader in insight engines and cognitive search as recognized by Gartner and Forrester, has today announced the Early Access of Coveo on Elasticsearch. This index-agnostic version of Coveo’s AI-powered search platform delivers the same out-of-the-box relevance and insight powered by best of breed machine learning and usage analytics, with the added ability of being deployed on top of the open source elasticsearch index, fully managed or self-hosted.

“One of the reasons many companies and integrators are drawn to using open source technology is the ability to build virtually any solution on top of publicly available assets.” said Gauthier Robe, Coveo VP of Product. “With Coveo on Elasticsearch, Coveo has done much of the work to make that possible by decoupling our proprietary index from the critical search experience components, such as machine learning, usage analytics, customizable user interface, query engine and connectors. We are very excited to see what the Elasticsearch community is able to build utilizing these two powerful technologies”.

With this radical new approach to enterprise search and insight engines, Coveo allows organizations to accelerate their search deployment and improve results from day one with out-of-the-box, best-in-class relevance, while leveraging their existing open source elasticsearch index investment. This provides them with the best of both worlds; enterprise ready software, with the benefits of open source technology. Creating a full-featured solution on top of Elasticsearch’s open source framework was a natural addition for Coveo, a company that is constantly innovating as a result of working with some of the world’s most forward-thinking enterprises.

Coveo on Elasticsearch can be deployed to rapidly and securely deliver relevance and personalization of every interaction across the customer or employee experience, at scale. Internal and external use cases include intranets, employee portals, customer service communities, e-commerce stores, partner portals, websites, in-product application help, and more. Whether through partners or on their own, organizations can leverage the full-featured Coveo search platform to quickly build user experiences that are easy to manage and evolve.

Customers of Coveo on Elasticsearch can also take advantage of the enterprise grade support and services available to them, including Coveo’s Customer Success team, training programs, Professional Services and extensive partner network.

As thousands of companies are evaluating their options to replace their end-of-life Google Search Appliances (GSA), the combination of Coveo on Elasticsearch looks particularly compelling. “Elasticsearch is a top consideration for GSA replacements. By being able to layer Coveo on top, our customers can now benefit from the capabilities of the Coveo insight engine while leveraging the scalability, deployment options and community of Elasticsearch.” said Michael Cizmar, President & Managing Director, MC+A. “We are excited to offer this as an integral option to our customers who are looking at GSA replacements options.”

Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S and in other countries.

To learn more about Coveo on Elastic visit coveo.com/elasticsearch or the Coveo Labs Github page.

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