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Press releases

January 16, 2018


Interset increases ARR 450% year over year as demand grows for faster and more effective threat detection in Zero Trust networks

Ottawa, ON, Jan. 9, 2018Interset, an artificial intelligence (AI) security analytics company, today announced Interset 5.5. The latest version of the company’s security analytics solution delivers new threat hunting and investigation features to help organizations detect and respond to critical security threats before data is compromised. Interset 5.5 addresses increasing demand for automation to speed up and improve detection of insider threats.

Complex and persistent security threats are pushing security analytics platforms to ditch rules and thresholds in favor of machine learning—a move that Forrester Research states¹ will yield better results, faster. “Thanks to the benefits of a Zero Trust network and the isolation and segmentation of critical data, security teams can further pinpoint suspicious behavior, enabling them to respond more quickly and more tactically,” writes Forrester.

Machine learning is a market-ready application of what Forrester refers to as “pragmatic AI”². Organizations are increasingly taking advantage of the “building blocks of practical AI together with solutions that facilitate automation and orchestration to build a security operations center (SOC) that can keep up with the scale, speed, and adaptability of today’s threats,” writes Forrester.

“Automation is no longer a luxury for a security team‒it’s a necessity. Humans simply cannot keep up with security threats,” says Mark Smialowicz, CEO at Interset. “New AI techniques like unsupervised machine learning put control of critical data and systems back in the hands of security teams, enabling them to sift through massive amounts of big data and determine which threats are real and critical, not just noise. Demand for this functionality is fueling innovation and growth at Interset, demonstrated by our 450 percent growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR) year over year.”

Interset’s AI platform leverages machine learning to create a 360-degree view inside an enterprise’s network to automatically and accurately detect insider threats that often lead to data breaches. With more than 350 proven machine learning and advanced analytics models at its disposal, Interset distills billions of events and entities into a handful of prioritized threat leads, turning tasks that used to take months into a matter of minutes. This method effectively expands threat coverage while reducing burden on human resources and optimizing existing security investments.

With Interset 5.5, customers receive more protection from data breaches and financial theft. New expense report analytics enables the platform to detect insider fraud by identifying abnormal activities, such as unusually large expense claims or duplicate reports. Interset 5.5 can also detect data exfiltration by analyzing email logs, such as Proofpoint, to identify unusual email activity.

This latest update also includes new threat analytics based on expanded endpoint data log files and network event data. Interset is able to take in data from existing endpoint detection and response (EDR) deployments, eliminating the need for new endpoint investments. In addition, Interset 5.5 speeds up threat hunting with the ability to dynamically filter and visualizations only the most relevant threat data instantaneously.

New and enhanced features of Interset 5.5 include:

  • Insider fraud detection through expense report analytics, such as identification of duplicate reports or abnormal claim amounts within a time period, peer group or category (e.g. “Concur entertainment expense submission”).
  • Data exfiltration detection through email logs, such as Proofpoint, to detect anomalous data transfers such as unusually large numbers, volumes of attachments, etc.
  • Advanced threat analytics based on expanded endpoint data log files and network event data.
  • Faster threat hunting and investigation with dynamic filtering, enabling an instantaneous view of the most relevant threat data (i.e. data per machine, user or file-type).
  • Easy integration with third-party products with customizable UI themes.