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September 7, 2023

LuxIMPULSE awards NorthStar Earth & Space a contract to Accelerate SSA Commercial Products to Improve Space Sustainability

NorthStar’s funding will accelerate commercial analytics products for the world’s most advanced space SSA services launching in 2023

Luxembourg September 7, 2023 – NorthStar Earth & Space Inc., a leader in the development of next generation commercial Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services with its European Headquarters in Luxembourg, is proud to announce the signing of a commercial product development contract funded by the Government of Luxembourg through an ESA Contract in the Luxembourg National
Space Programme, LuxIMPULSE . LuxIMPULSE, the national space program for the promotion of research, development and innovation, is managed by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA) to support companies established in Luxembourg as they bring innovative ideas to market.

NorthStar will receive funding from LuxIMPULSE to develop cutting-edge tools and applications for space traffic mapping, close approach warning, and global space hazard risk assessment vital for fleet management, future mission planning and insurance considerations. The objective is to advance
development rapidly in order to address the growing need for improved observation, up-to-date knowledge and precise navigation tools, necessary to safeguard assets in an increasingly congested space environment.

“NorthStar is grateful and privileged to receive this important strategic support from LuxIMPULSE to accelerate the development of our next-generation solutions for Space Situational Awareness with a focus right here in Luxembourg ” said Stewart Bain, Founder & CEO. “Luxembourg has taken a visionary and pro-active approach by making space sustainability a key element in its space strategy. The range of programs which Luxembourg offers to incentivize the space economy also encourages companies in the space sector to join forces within the research community to develop their expertise together.
This strategic approach will undoubtedly benefit not only individual companies, but also the wider industry as a whole.”

“The Luxembourg Space Agency is pleased to support the growth of the Luxembourg space ecosystem by encouraging innovative companies like NorthStar,” said Marc Serres, CEO Luxembourg Space Agency. “Space sustainability is one of the pillars of our space strategy and NorthStar is a leader in this key domain. This partnership will create quality jobs in Luxembourg and is an excellent example of how Luxembourg is committed to promoting and investing in the sustainable commercialization of space activities.”.

The proliferation of space debris and other threats to space assets represent a serious danger to the safety and sustainability of space flight, the growing space economy and vital services for critical communications, precise navigation, earth monitoring and protection, and defence. NorthStar’s unique, high-fidelity space-based SSA services will counter this threat by providing unparalleled coverage across all orbits from LEO to MEO, GEO and Cis-Lunar with unprecedented speed and accuracy, allowing operators to safely manage and preserve their assets. Luxembourg’s vibrant space eco-system offers the ideal innovative environment, talent and expertise to develop this groundbreaking technology further. NorthStar is already collaborating closely with Luxembourg-based SES and Spire Global and will continue to work with other members of the Luxembourg space community to strengthen the country’s leading position in Space Security and Sustainability.

About NorthStar

NorthStar’s endeavour is to empower humanity to preserve our planet through a unique Space and Earth information & intelligence platform using space-based sensors. NorthStar strives to help transform the way governments, industry and institutions assess risk, enforce regulations and make decisions to foster the sustainable development of our earth and space environment.

NorthStar’s unique space-based commercial Space Situational Awareness services address many of the critical and immediate challenges facing all satellite operators. Striving to see every object in every orbit, NorthStar will deliver more frequent and precise observations of resident space objects than any current system. NorthStar generates its Space Information & Intelligence services through a suite of high-speed decision quality information services, derived from its unparalleled coverage, object custody, and enhanced predictive analytics.

NorthStar’s investors comprise a global coalition of strategic partners, including Telesystem Space (a co-enterprise of the Sirois family office, Telesystem and the Roger’s Family Trust of Canada), Cartesian Capital Group, the Luxembourg Future Fund, Luxembourg Space Sector Development Fund SCSp, which is supported by leading global content connectivity solutions provider SES and the Luxembourg Government, the Space Alliance of Europe (Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio), the Government of Quebec, and the Government of Canada.

NorthStar Earth & Space head offices are located in Montréal, Canada, its U.S. subsidiary, NorthStar Earth & Space Systems, Inc. is headquartered in McLean, Virginia and its European subsidiary, NorthStar Earth & Space Europe S.à r.l. is headquartered in Luxembourg.


The LuxIMPULSE program, launched by the Luxembourg Space Agency in association with the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2020, aims to support the development of the space sector in Luxembourg and promote innovation in space-related technologies. The program provides funding and support to start-ups and entrepreneurs in the space industry, with a focus on areas such as space resources, cybersecurity, New Space, and the development of small satellites. The LuxIMPULSE program is positioning Luxembourg as a hub for space-related innovation and entrepreneurship, building on the country’s existing strengths in areas such as satellite telecommunications, space resources, and Earth Observation. This initiative is driving innovation and growth in the space sector in Luxembourg and attracting international companies to establish their space-related operations in the country.

Media Contacts:
NorthStar Media Relations: media@northstar-data.com
Luxembourg Space Agency /LuxIMPULSE: Juliette.pertuy@space-agency.lu