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June 13, 2023

Sustainable Economy Magazine Corporate Knights ranks NorthStar in Canada’s top 50 fastest growing ‘green’ companies.

This list was published on Corporate Knights website on June 1st, and featured in the summer print magazine on June 29 (distributed in The Globe and Mail, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal)

Corporate Knights, the prominent sustainable economy magazine and research specialists, set out to find the most enterprising and inventive  ‘green’ members of the Canadian business community  – and placed NorthStar in its Future 50, the country’s fastest growing sustainability-focused  companies.

The Corporate Knights top 50 highlights entrepreneurs who are taking an innovative and pioneering approach to issues such as climate, energy, the environment, transport, health care, waste-disposal and healthy, sustainable food provision.

In ranking NorthStar so highly, the magazine called attention to the company’s unique use of space-based, dedicated optical sensors to protect critical space operations from the threat of increasing congestion and debris while at the same time forging ahead with its environmental information platform to monitor vital issues such as deforestation, water supply and agriculture.

Corporate Knights views the commitment and innovative spirit of its top 50, bolstered by increased funding available for such ventures as a positive omen for a new economy – and a brighter, sustainable future.