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March 7, 2012

Coveo Insight Solutions to be implemented in over 1,500 school districts and to serve 8 million students in the USA

Coveo announced today that SunGard has implemented its Insight Solutions for Customer Service across Sungard K-12 Education, which currently supports over 1,500 school districts and over 8 million students (one out of six students) across the US.

SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies. Its four businesses serve approximately 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries. SunGard K-12 Education offers district-wide software solutions to help teachers, administrators and parents support student achievement. Sungard K-12 Education delivers an integrated suite of software solutions for student information, assessment and curriculum management, special education, and financial and human resources.

SunGard K-12 sought to streamline its customer service operations and provide agents with a consolidated view of all structured and unstructured customer information across multiple systems, including social communities. Prior to Coveo, SunGard agents needed to search and sort through many separate data repositories to answer customer questions, wasting support agent time and resulting in higher costs to resolve customer issues.

With Coveo, SunGard K-12 customer service agents gain additional insight to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently. Coveo’s Insight Consoles automatically consolidate and correlate information from across multiple systems, including SunGard’s CRM and case tracking system, file shares and online customer communities, into a single, role-based Insight Console, configured specifically to SunGard contact center agent and manager needs.

With Coveo Insight Solutions, SunGard K-12 customer service agents now have a consolidated, single view of relevant customer information from across interaction channels and systems. With this greater level of insight into its customers, SunGard will improve agent efficiency and speed case resolution time, all while maintaining SunGard’s high levels of customer satisfaction.

Supporting Quotes  

Keith Gingrich, vice president, customer support operations, SunGard K-12 Education: “We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service operations in an effort to serve our customers better and grow our business. As we continue to undergo significant growth, we wanted to scale our operations efficiently while maintaining our high levels of customer satisfaction. We were impressed with the results other Coveo customers reported in these areas, as well as Coveo’s focus on helping its customers meet and exceed their goals. We view this as a partnership to improve the customer service experience for our school districts. Coveo will help us help school districts spend less resources managing technology so they can spend more resources improving student achievement.”

Louis Têtu, chairman and CEO, Coveo: “It’s clear that SunGard’s customer-centric operations allow them to more aggressively compete in today’s market and better serve their customers. We look forward to helping SunGard significantly improve its ability to deliver a consistent, efficient and effective customer experience, and achieve the one-to-one relationship with their customers that will help to grow their business in the future.”

About Coveo

Coveo transforms companies’ ability to gain insight from diverse and overwhelming amounts of unstructured and structured data, whether it exists behind the firewall or in social media. Coveo’s unified indexing technology connects broadly with all systems to create a virtual integration layer, from which role-based Insight Consoles present consolidated, correlated information mashups. Greater cross-channel insight facilitates one-to-one relationships with customers, leading to increased sales, faster innovation for better product development and ultimately, increased profitability.

Coveo customers range from Fortune 100 companies such as Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo and Verizon, to Global 2000 companies such as GEICO, CA Technologies and T-Mobile, to mid-sized businesses such as Terumo Medical, IBM Netezza and Children’s Hospital of Boston. For more information, visit www.coveo.com.

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