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January 22, 2014

iPerceptions launches game changing technology that recognizes user intentions in real-time

Intent From the Customer Perspective, a Previously Impossible Attribute to Consistently Recognize, Radically Changes the Way Companies Optimize and Derive Value From Their Business Systems

iPerceptions, Inc. the inventor of Active Researchâ„¢, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics, today launched the iPerceptions Intent Recognition Engine, a patent pending technology, which can recognize the intent of anonymous website visitors and trigger personalized experiences for digital customers. iPerceptions Intent Recognition Engine provides the intelligence required to enrich marketing campaigns, customer support systems and personalization engines in real-time.

“One of the biggest challenges is being able to offer a truly personalized experience to each individual user in real-time,” said Audry Larocque, CEO of iPerceptions. “iPerceptions Intent Recognition Engine is a game changer as it takes the value of market research out of the past and puts it in real-time to offer personalized experiences to individual customers. We have significantly invested in developing and protecting this technology through a family of patents. Our customers can now immediately identify visitors that want to buy or those that are in need of support and then offer them a customized experience using their own CMS or live assistance systems. The Intent Recognition Engine has been built to integrate with existing business systems and exponentially increase the value of these investments our customers have made.”

iPerceptions’ Intent Recognition Engine can inject recognized visitor intent directly into business systems to conduct intelligent actions in real-time. This allows companies to target users with content and actions that is directly aligned with their intent and continually adapts to ensure a superior experience with individual brands. Live assistance systems can also be significantly enhanced by recognizing the intent of individual visitors and initiating chat sessions with distressed buyers or other identified user groups. This greatly increases the effectiveness and return on investment made in live assistance systems. Content Management Systems (CMS) and other dynamic content delivery can be aligned to visitor intent, improving both the customer experience and the business results of these systems.

“Two big problems in digital customer research is data sparseness and real time actionability,” said Dr. Matthew Butler PhD, Senior Data Scientist at iPerceptions. “Our Intent Recognition Engine is developed using a representative sample of website visitors and proprietary machine learning algorithms that scale efficiently to deliver actionable information from big data. We have the unique advantage of a significant dataset and live feed from our 15 million standardized customer data points that allows this technology to continuously adapt and maximize its efficacy.”


iPerceptions’ Intent Recognition Engine is immediately available. To find out more about the iPerceptions’ Intent Recognition Engine please schedule a meeting or request to download the white paper.

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions, Inc. is the inventor of Active Researchâ„¢, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Researchâ„¢ Platform, which addresses specific business objectives by capturing visitor perceptions in the ‘Moment of Truth’ using advanced engagement technologies and trusted research frameworks to drive actions in existing business processes. Founded in 1999, iPerceptions has more than 3000 brands worldwide that trust iPerceptions for in-depth analysis of real visitor’s behavior. See how iPerceptions can improve the entire customer lifecycle and your bottom line today, visit www.iperceptions.com.

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) has provided advisory services, as well as funding, in support of the research and development of iPerceptions’ Intent Recognition Engine.

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