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September 3, 2013

iPerceptions releases the first digital research solution designed to reduce cart abandonment

iPerceptions, Inc. the inventor of Active Research™, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics, today announced the release of the iPerceptions Purchase Optimization and Conversion Solution. This is the first digital research solution that links behavioral data with attitudinal data from real customers to identify purchase barriers and process drivers that can be optimized to significantly improve online conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

“E-commerce sites today rely too heavily on behavioural data for answers behind cart abandonment,” said Duff Anderson, VP of Active Research at iPerceptions. “Although behavioral data is useful to understand actions, it doesn’t explain customer intentions, frustrations or unmet needs. Insight into why visitors act the way they do is imperative to pinpoint root causes of site and cart abandonment. With our new Purchase Optimization and Conversion Solution, marketers can base business decisions on real customer feedback in real situations for solid decision making.”

“Increasing conversion is an essential part of our business model,” said Eric Brassard, CEO, Woozworld. “A solution designed to help us evaluate the conversion sign-up process is highly valuable to our business.”

The iPerceptions Purchase Optimization and Conversion Solution consists of a research framework focusing on the different facets of the purchase and decision process, proven methodologies for gathering representative, targeted and opt-in feedback, and real-time associated reporting to dissect and evaluate the purchase process. Customer insights can then be directly injected into 3rd party solutions including e-commerce engines and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

For the first time, marketers using this solution can leverage attitudinal and behavioral data to:

  • Identify purchase barriers to increase online conversion;
  • Diagnose bottlenecks and reduce cart abandonment;
  • Evaluate purchase drivers and prioritize initiatives to increase purchase intent;
  • Measure purchase horizon and consideration stage to nurture prospects.

This solution leverages the iPerceptions Active Research™ Platform, which engages customers in the ‘Moment of Truth’ across digital touch points. Insights are fed into business intelligence reporting, integrated and injected into the organization’s other business systems.

Availability The iPerceptions Purchase Optimization and Conversion Solution is immediately available to iPerceptions Enterprise customers as a value-added option.

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions, Inc. is the inventor of Active Research™, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ Platform, which addresses specific business objectives by capturing visitor perceptions in the ‘Moment of Truth’ using advanced engagement technologies and trusted research frameworks to drive actions in existing business processes. Founded in 1999, iPerceptions has more than 22,000 clients worldwide that trust iPerceptions for in-depth analysis of real visitors’ behavior. See how iPerceptions can improve the entire customer lifecycle and your bottom line today, visit www.iperceptions.com and www.iperceptions.com/blog/.

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