Catalyzing Innovation Since 1972

Building global leaders in telecommunications, media and technology since 1972, Telesystem is a family-owned technology holding.

Our long-term value relies on challenging the status quo through dreams, vision, innovation, action and perseverance.

Telesystem: Making It Happen.

Оur mission

To create, acquire and manage solid, game-changing companies.

“Long-term value creation is at the heart of everything we do. Technological innovations will impact and reinvent every industry. That is why we are actively investing our capital to foster innovation and drive entrepreneurship.“

François-Charles Sirois
President and CEO

Оur beliefs & values


Telesystem owes its reputation and success to the respect it inspires in all its stakeholders and the respect with which it treats all individuals – partners, employees and others – as well as the mutual trust it has cultivated in its relationships over the years.


Telesystem believes that transparent, straightforward conversations are key to developing trust-based working relationships that make it possible to achieve far-reaching mutual goals.


Telesystem’s legacy and longevity are rooted in entrepreneurship. That is why we endorse three key entrepreneurial attributes:

  • Proactive business development
  • Independent, results-oriented mindset
  • Tolerance to risk

Our team

Telesystem counts on a team of seasoned professionals who put their passion and determination into everything they do.

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Our successes

Over and above having created, acquired and managed companies that have made an indelible mark in their respective industries, Telesystem has been and still is the driving force behind some extremely compelling entrepreneurship success stories.

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